In The Loop

I met a work colleague from another company at an industry conference. “I just read your post on LinkedIn,” he said.

 Usually that’s a sales pitch. It wasn’t. It became a legitimate, amazing partnership that we are so proud to be able to bring to families that use Zach’s Bridge. It came from the wonderful team at Cariloop.

As I chatted about what we were doing to honor Zach, and what eventually would become Zach’s Bridge, I learned more about Cariloop. I found out how they help families with much of the heavy lifting of caregiving, by providing highly trained and skilled care coaches to families.

We talked a bit about what each organization does and then they floored us with the offer. “We would like to offer Cariloop Care Coaching to all Zach’s Bridge families for free.”

Our entire premise is that we can help families by giving them connection and guidance to make the time they have with their child easier, allowing them to focus on whatever truly matters to them. And now to have a resource that will actually work on behalf of the family, that is just a magical combination.

Specifically, Cariloop can help a family with much of the time consuming, but so critical work for caring for a child with cancer in the late stages of their journey. This can include:

  • Finding hospice options that are within insurance networks
  • Understanding and navigating insurance claims, denials, etc.
  • Locating in-person or virtual counseling/support options (working within insurance networks if necessary)
  • Finding and understanding possible options for financial assistance and their respective application processes
  • Locating and vetting providers for things like in-home care support, specialist needs, nutritionists, etc.
  • Finding available transportation options and costs (medical and non-medical)

And again, this all is free to any family working with Zach’s Bridge, courtesy of Cariloop, who is 100% committed to giving back and helping others. They don’t just say it, they actually do it. Specifically they are a Certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation.

Part of their statement on this approach is “As the Corporation grows its membership base each year and supports more families across domestic and global communities, the Corporation will then re-invest a portion of its collective time, financial resources, and services into those communities to create a material positive impact on society as a whole.

Thank you to the entire Cariloop team. We are honored to work with you and know the services you provide will have significant impact for Zach’s Bridge families.