Helping families navigate advanced pediatric cancer through peer support

Helping Families Navigate Advanced Pediatric Cancer Through Peer Support

Zach’s Bridge helps ease the journey and give the entire family comfort and time to focus on what truly matters, by connecting trained peers connect with parents to guide and provide curated resources, thoughtful conversation and shared experiences.




You may have just heard the worst news a parent will ever hear – that your child’s cancer prognosis has worsened.  While you should never give up hope, finding a connection, a guide and a peer – someone who has lived this – can help you make each day your family has together as meaningful and uncomplicated as possible.

Someone Who Gets It

From having a friendly voice or supportive text from someone who gets it, to learning about financial resources, or how to use palliative care and hospice when you need it, Parent Connect will match you with another parent who has gone through advanced cancer.



Parent Connect will match you with another parent who has gone through advanced cancer.


A Connection to Listen and Share

Your matched Peer is there to listen and share their experience and those of others who have walked this journey.

They can direct you to helpful resources that may improve your child’s care, ideally reducing your collective stress and some of the weight of facing advanced cancer.

How It Works

Connecting with a Peer is simple and free. Complete this short form  and you’ll hear back from us quickly, usually in a few hours or less, and you will be introduced to your matched Peer.  You will be able to chat with your coach as much or as little as you want, however you want – by phone, text, or video chat.

Resources to Help Families Facing Childhood Cancer

Your Zach’s Bridge Peer can help connect you with a range of resources that may be able to help you navigate this stage of your child’s cancer journey. We can match you with a range of resources, including financial assistance, tissue donation, hospice and palliative care, and much more.

We also realize that some people may not be ready to talk, so we are sharing some of the resources that may be able to help below.


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