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What is it like? What happens? How can I make this easier for my child and for us?

Zach Wall

Parents who have faced advanced pediatric cancer have all told us the same thing. They have questions about what happens at this phase of the cancer journey, and while there are lots of resources out there, it’s almost impossible to connect with someone who has gone through late stage childhood cancer.

Zach’s Bridge was started by Jenn and Jon Wall to honor their son Zach who died of Osteosarcoma in November 2021 at the age of 16.

Jenn, Jon and Zach experienced the gap in support for families facing advanced pediatric cancer and searched but found it almost impossible to find a peer that was willing and able to help. They also found a number of helpful resources to ease the journey and have continued to build that out today.

Every time parents connect to share knowledge and experiences that families face with an advanced childhood cancer diagnosis, that is a tribute to Zach.

Who We Are

Jennifer Wall

Jennifer Wall

Co-Founder and Executive Director


Jonathan Wall

Co-Founder and President

Senior VicePresident, Partnerships, PrismHR


Dr. David Alperovitz, PsyD

Board Director

Program Director, McLean Hospital


Kate Gilbane

Board Director


Dr. Christina Ullrich, MD

Board Director

PACT Clinical Director, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Patricia Stahl, M.Ed

Board Director

Director of Volunteer Services and Patient Programs, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Megan Mooney, MS, OTR/L

Board Director

Clinician, Advocates, Inc.


Dr. Stuart Kleeman, MD

Board Director

Pediatrician, and Instructor, Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Children’s Hospital, Retired


David Wall, JD

Board Director

Assistant General Counsel, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation,


Mia and family


“My experience connecting with you has been amazing. I think hearing from someone that is in the same situation will always be superior to even the best counselor. This is a much, much needed resource.”


– Leandro, father of Mia

Advisory Council

Blythe Lord

Founder, Courageous Parents Network

Peter Brown

Co-Founder and CEO, Mattie Miracle

Dr. Vicki Sardi-Brown

Co-Founder and President Mattie Miracle, PhD, LPC

Lisa Scherber

Director, Patient and Family Programs, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Kerri Padgett

Director – Pediatric Palliative Care Network


Kim Hall

President & CEO, Greater Galligan United Way


Therapist, MA – Psychology, CFT

Steve Morin

Fundraising Consultant

Cyndi Jones

Founder & Chair, WildFlower for Kids

Dianne Lynch

Executive Director, One Summit

Ed Lynch

Vice President Sales, Sports & Entertainment, Epsilon

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