Building Community

Here at Zach’s Bridge HQ, we’re big believers in connecting with others to ask questions, share ideas, learn from those that have come before us, and generally getting support and guidance. I’m sure that’s not surprising giving what the purpose of Zach’s Bridge is.

Well before we started Zach’s Bridge we’ve found that the childhood cancer community is very much connected and is willing to collaborate across geographies, areas of focus and many other attributes if it can result anything to help fight childhood cancer. From the start, we’ve been welcomed with open arms by so many.

Once we got started, we knew we had to join the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer or CAC2. So many people we met encouraged us to join. It’s an organization of mostly smaller childhood cancer nonprofits, and the mission is to foster and sustain greater levels of collaboration, information exchange, and learning across the childhood cancer community through agreed upon initiatives in the areas of advocacy & awareness building, family support & survivorship, and research & treatment.
Like I said, that just seems so much in line with what we are doing here at Zach’s Bridge. And now that we are members, it’s great to really dig in to all things CAC2. This includes:

  1. We’ve already started some networking with the community and got some helpful guidance for an early stage nonprofit like us.
  2. We’ve connected locally with amazing organizations like Camp Casco, who is based in the same town we are, and This Star Won’t Go Out, who provides financial grants for childhood cancer families.
  3. We’ve already used many of the details in the Childhood Cancer Fact Library and find it so valuable.
  4. The Hope Portal is aspectacular concept and resource to help families find nonprofits to help, and we look forward to working with CAC2 to make it even better.

Our goal at Zach’s Bridge to provide peer support to help families navigate advanced childhood cancer, to ease the journey and enable them to focus on what truly matters to them. We know that CAC2 will be extremely helpful in making that happen.